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why choose a real estate trust?


Why should I invest with Westbow Capital?

With 40+ years of real estate experience, the competitive advantage with Westbow Construction, the targeted rates of return, and that you want to invest in real estate in Western Canada should be some of the reasons you should invest in Westbow Capital. It needs to be the right fit. The synergy with Westbow Construction allows for the acquisition of purpose built rentals at a discount to retail price due to the cost savings of no realtor commissions, no marketing costs and no holding costs. This increases the equity of the properties in Westbow Capital and benefits the investor at the end of the fund at disposition. Also, major renovations to acquired properties can be done at a discounted price because trades are readily available from Westbow Construction. By purchasing properties below retail price, this could result in instant equity increases that will benefit investors invested into Westbow Capital.

The Westbow Capital management team discusses some of the frequently asked question about the fund.

Why is Westbow Capital focusing on mid to low density residential properties?

Westbow Capital believes that the rental market is most likely to remain in high demand regardless of economic factors and technology changes. Based on Statistics Canada analysis, 72% of privately owned homes in Canada fall into our target market of low to mid density homes. This shows a high desirability of newer residential real estate.  Many large real estate investment organizations focus on higher density properties, which means that there should be less competition within the lower density market. Also, since the largest market is for lower density homes, it makes it easier for Westbow Capital to sell the properties when asset disposition at the end of the fund.  By building a competitive advantage in the low to mid density residential market, Westbow Capital can leverage this strength to grow and offer attractive returns for investors.

Who is managing the properties?

Customer satisfaction will be obtained by Westbow Capital employing highly skilled property management services to be able to take care of the properties. Skilled property managers, who understands the local market in which each property is located, will oversee the daily management of the properties to maintain efficient and cost effective care. The services include repairs and maintenance on properties, finding and screening tenants, signing lease contracts, and related administrative work to operate the property. Westbow Capital will assess on a property by property basis whether or not it makes sense to oversee the property management internally or contract to an external company.