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Looking to get into Real Estate Investing but not sure how? Investing doesn’t have to complicated. Westbow Capital’s Hassle Free Real Estate Investing provides a simple and efficient way to get involved in the market.

Invest in multifamily real estate through a diversified portfolio that provides a consistent, stable investment.


Your Opportunity

Westbow Capital is a real estate mutual fund trust that is looking to raise capital from a group of investors like you in order to acquire income-producing real estate investment properties. The fund will focus on acquiring and building a portfolio of low to mid density residential real estate properties and pay out rental income as distributions to investors.


The Westbow Capital Difference


Westbow capital’s acquisitions are in a variety of locations and markets. This diversification ensures a safe investment return.


The team behind Westbow Capital has over 70 years of experience in multifamily real estate. We have been through recessions and real estate bubbles and have produced consistent returns throughout all types of markets.

Low Minimum

With a minimum buy in of only $6,000 Westbow Capital provides one of the lowest minimums- allowing you to invest no matter your income level.

Westbow Group

Westbow Capital is part of the Westbow Group of companies. The relationship with Westbow Construction allows for the acquisition of purpose built rentals at a discount to retail price due to the cost savings of no realtor commissions, no marketing costs, and no holding costs.


The Trust Advantage

Westbow Capital provides a hassle-free, passive investment strategy. Westbow Capital invests into the rental market so that you can make a return without the duties of being a landlord. A privately held real estate trust is the closest thing to owning an investment property, only with far less stress and work.