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Your Opportunity

We are investing in mid to low density residential rental properties across Western Canada so you can benefit from positive rental cash flow, property appreciation, and debt pay-down of real estate. We are targeting a 9-12% return on your investment and a quarterly distribution of 5% per annum (with DRIP options).

Your Advantage

Design build synergy

We have a strategic partnership with our sister company Westbow Construction, which will allow Westbow Capital to acquire purpose-built rentals at a discount to retail price. This creates a competitive advantage as we believe this process will result in equity increases and a strong rate of return for you. Also, the building expertise of the team means that Westbow Capital can see what upgrades would give the best value to renters and what makes the most sense for a strong rate on return.

pooled investments and DIVERSIFICATION

You will benefit from a large diversified real estate portfolio that spreads the risk over several properties and provinces. If you own just 1 rental property and the tenant moves out then you have 100% vacancy, if you own 100 units and 1 or 2 tenants move out then you only have 1 or 2% vacancy. Having enough inventory to spread out over different geographies is one of our strategies to off-set potential risk.

Professional management

Your management team brings a diverse range of experience in areas such as real estate investing, property management, development, construction finance, and strategy. You can sleep well at night knowing your portfolio will be managed by a highly skilled team whose primary focus is to deliver you exceptional value.

Our Strategy

Buying, Holding, and renting in WEstern Canada

Our management team has 40+ years experience in Western Canada and every province’s market is different, so our strategy is specific for every western province. Our strategy in British Colombia will look different than Alberta and Saskatchewan. Westbow Group of Companies currently has 11 developments in two provinces and understands the markets to buy, sell, and rent homes in Western Canada.

Acquire mid to low density homes

72% of all privately owned dwellings in Canada are mid to low density. This is the largest market. In our opinion, the lower density homes will attract a top quality tenant. This could lead to low vacancy rates as well as low repairs and maintenance, which could help investors earn a strong rate of return.

BUy purpose-built homes

We will buy purpose-built rental homes developed by our sister company, Westbow Construction. Our strategy is to build housing products that are durable and low maintenance, custom tailored to the rental market in an effort to increase the longevity of the homes and generate a strong rate of return. Westbow Capital plans on generating a high rate of return for you by keeping property maintenance expenses down, while maintaining a high quality product.

registered fund eligible

Depending on the investment vehicle, it can be done on tax free (TFSA) or tax deferred basis (RRSP). If you chose to hold this investment in your TFSA, then all of the potential income would be earned tax-free.

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Timeline Target 5 years after after capital raise period of 24 months.
Maximum Offering $30,000,000
Issue Price 

$10.00 per Offered Unit until the earlier of Dec. 31, 2019 or gross proceeds of $24,000,000 

Minimum Investment  $6,000
Quarterly Distribution Target 5% per annum 
Total Return Target 9-12% per annum, depending on the series of units and the distribution reinvestment strategy selected
Eligibilty  All cash and registered accounts such as RRSP, TFSA, RESP, etc. 
Redemption Available quarterly 
Fund Structure Private closed-end fund. Investments directly into the Active LP available